Bands/Albums Missing on Streaming Sites 😕.

These are bands/albums missing from Spotify and or iTunes and possibly all digital age new millennium streaming services. For whatever reason, these are A.W.O.L. and it would be great to have them available. Please Like, Comment, Share and add yours to this list!

  1. Automatic Man @patthrall, @michaelshrieve Check this out! These guys need to realize the grouping of these folks alone with two releases are missing the boat not to carry these through technology. They are both solid Albums that need to be alongside their colleague's releases. Bayeté (Todd Cochran, where are you? Get your voice in on this!
  2. Loud Sugar LA. fun Where would we be without Funky Little Flower.
    I may be alone on this one but I feel the gems are worthy.
  3. Voice Farm On Facebook here. A quintessential 90 San Francisco Band. Come on guys!
  4. Donovan @donovanofficial Specifically Cosmic Wheels. Boy that 70's album is sorely missed from his streaming library.
  5. Steve Kujala @flutelandia This Gentleman and flute player extraordinaire has a handful of albums out and only one (Voyage (Chick Korea) on Spotify. I miss them all but especially a mainstay to me, the 9186 release of "Fresh Flute"

Will add more from comments and as identified.

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