Let’s talk about music

If there is one thing I would like to be exemplary at, aside from being a great friend, son, brother, husband and father, it would be to be able to create music.

I have had many great moments in music, playing drums in bands, jamming and such but I always admire those who can play all the instruments or just one and make a song of it.

Enter the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) almost an acronym for computer with music creation program on it, a program like Presonus Studio One, Ableton Live, Avis Peo Tools, Apple Logic Pro or others. (Note, I have settled into Studio One).

The DAW has brought "all the instruments", automated notation, key detections, mastering tools and methods to put this all together, so a person does not need to have all the instruments and a studio, but just a computer and a DAW.

Additionally a mic is necessary for recording voice, a keyboard is best to control the DAW and understanding MIDI are additional key ingredients. But I digress. Yes you still need some tools but this has been largely reduced. It is the knowledge that separates those who can create a sound and those who can turn a sound into a song.

There are a lot of good sounds that end up trying to be a song. Good training and music theory is helpful to get over this hump. Enough of the background. This is about recognizing something I do for myself, that I can share with others, music.

I have always liked music but never got formal training for it, looking back it almost doesn't make sense. Why did I just dabble and not apply myself fully to it!

So now, I am.

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