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My problems with Slate Digital Drums SSD4

I have the SSD4 package and have attempted to use it a number of times in Presonus Studio One. My problems with the package are

1. The interface is unnecessarily cumbersome.

2. While it gives good control it is a memory hog.

Frankly the Impact Tool built into Studio One is a flatter and more intuitive interface that also sends out to multiple tracks. Slate drums will stutter at times in playback or even have degraded sound in stressed memory situations. I have never had Impact do this.

My suggestion to Slate might be to sell the drum packages without the interface. I understand this bypasses the iLok system that maintains Slater's proprietary code, but as many others state, that limits their market. I think many of us a looking for superior drum samples, but want to program our own drums in a space other than the Slate Interface. The Slate interface feels a bit like Kai's Power Tools felt to built-in Photoshop tools. Creative look overwhelming the functionality.

I am not even positive that some sort of propriety methodology would be precluded by being able to get the importable files. Look what loopmasters.com has done with "loopcloud". I am sure solutions for a win-win could be created.

I know I am just one person and my information, though I have researched, may be incomplete. Part of the reason I am putting it out there. Like the samples, not so happy with the execution, as compared to stock Presonus Studio One Impact. Please comment if you agree or disagree or have any suggestions.

It's not that I don't like Slate and what they are doing. They have good and even great products. FG-X comes to mind and I own that as well and will write my review coming up.